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 Vasily Filimonov - Elvira - Let the years go

 Vasily Filimonov - Greetings to the 70th anniversary of Larisa Filimonova

Vasily Filimonov - Heaven and Earth Ruler of Christ, 1992

Vasily Filimonov - Sermon on the vine

Vasily Filimonov - The Proclamator of the New Testament

Vasily Filimonov - Sermon on Healing at the Bible School "The World of Christ"

Evangelism in Police dep. Part 1

Evangelism in Police dep. Part 2

Evangelism in Police dep. Part 3

1st Graduation of the Bible School "Christ to the World" 1992

"NEW LIFE Mission" 1994

Sermon "God's Answer"

Sermon "The Kingdom of God"

Children's Center 


"Worship at School"

"Be Strong"

"Holy Spirit"

"Preach the Gospel"

"Mission in Finland"

"You are the  temple of the living God"

"The great power of God"

 "On a stone I build my church"

Sermon "Salt of the Earth"

"Light" 1997

Documentary "Faith”